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Re: Socks

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996 06:42:03 -0500 (CDT), (Lynch,Ken) wrote:

>Im going to be doing another section hike and I thought I'd try thoose expensive socks everyone was raving about alittle
>while ago, because I burnt my favorite socks trying to dry them by the fire on my last trip.  But, I forget the name.  Could
>someone please mail it to me.

Hi Ken,

I think you're refering to the Thorlo hiker/trekker socks.  I have a
pair of the trekker and really like them.  I think the difference is
the trekker have more padding in the heal and ball of foot area than
the hiker.  And they're both going on sale at REI starting May 3!  Buy
three pairs get one free.  My wife and I are going to get two pairs
each.  If you don't have an REI near by, maybe you can mail order from


p.s.  The thorlo's don't have wool in them.  I'm not sure if this is a
big problem if your boots and feet get wet.  But I usually carry a pair
of rag wool socks too.  I haven't been caught in a wet situation while
wearing thorlo's.  Any thoughts?  Sorry this note is so disjointed --
it's a Monday morning and I haven't had my coffee yet...  :)

Dave DeCroix   (a.k.a. decroix@brunt.meas.ncsu.edu)
Ga->Me '98 Hopeful