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Re: Need Advice/help

Personally I like a heavy leather boot.  I'm a suppanator and tend to roll
the uppers right of the sole.  So a heavy leather boot can usually last me
a couple of thousand miles.  The light weight boots and canvas boots are
fine for short trips, but I tend to wear them out after only 200 - 400
miles so they are not really an option for me on long distance hikes.  I
did use a pair of pivettas on the PCT through Ashland, they were about ten
years old when I started and got chewed on by a porcupine in the Sierra.  I
replaced them with merrills in ashland but they were trashed after oregon
and Washington.

On the CDT I used a pair of mt. one.  They lasted the trip though the
leather tore at the welt when I reached Glacier NP.  Had them resoled at
Komitos in Estes Park half way through.  Used a pair of high tecs during
the two weeks I had them in the shop.  Those boots did indeed last the two
weeks, but that was it.

I wore a pair of high tecs on the Muir Trail last september and october.
They lasted the 210 miles but again they were totally thrashed after that.