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Re: Thanks/stove

At 07:00 04/26/1996 -0500, you wrote:

>	I also had a question about stoves.  I was thinking of taking a
>trip this summer from Springer to Fontana Dam(NC).  I wanted to take a
>Camping Gaz Turbo Bluet 270 stove and I was wondering if the propane cans
>are available along the trail.  If anyone had any experiences with this or
>anything else along the section, I would appreciate the replies.  Thanks alot.

        You should be able to find them.  However if you use this type of
stove pack out the empty cannisters.  When I did my two week hike on the AT
I saw many of the cannisters left at some of the shelters.  It's indeed a
shame that people aren't adult enough to pick up after themselves.
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