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North Face Equipment

It's been a while since I've made a comment, but we had a "family situation"
here and my youngest daughter is now back living at home.  There was no way I
could keep up with all the mail so it sorta went by the wayside.

We own a NF Bullfrog tent, 2 NF Snow Leopard packs, and 2 NF mummy bags
(Cat's Meow and a heavier one).  We purchased them all the same winter of
1986-87 when we first started backpacking. We are extremely pleased with the
tent and like the sleeping bags, but not as pleased with the backpacks. The
design has been changed on the packs since then, but we have had problems
with the hipbelt material breaking down as they are longer now than they were
when we bought them (which is a real problem for my husband as he has no
space for adjusting now).  The stays kept poking out of their sleeves.  NF
did take the packs back and resew the stays, but we still had to redo it as
it just didn't work.  Then NF would not stand behind the hipbelt problem.
 They whined about it, would not admit to there being a problem with their
hipbelts (which I later learnt was not true).  So I would not buy another NF
pack, but would buy their other products.

I was a store that had Dana Designs and Mountainsmith so I could compare
them.  There is a real difference in the quality of the material and
workmanship.  Dana outshines Mtsmith.  When I looked at Mtsmith before I was
at an REI store and had only their packs to compare with and a few others.  I
am looking for a pack in the 4,000 ci range.  I want to do some more
comparison, but really did like the Dana.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com