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Re: Delaware Water Gap phone #

In a message dated 96-04-25 20:34:03 EDT, you write:

>   Anyone know what phone number I should call to get a map for the
>Delaware Water Gap area in North Jersey?

The NY/NJ Trail conference has a "book shop" that you can call and order
maps/ from.  They sell the South Kittatinny Trails map set (this includes all
the trails in and around  Delaware Water Gap, Worthington State forest), and
a Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area guide book (Hiking guide).  If
you need maps for more of the Kittatinny range (farther north on the AT),
there is also a North Kittatinny Trails map set.   Buy all 3 as a set and you
save $$. 

NY/NJ Trail Conference
232 Madison Avenue #401
New York, NY 10016