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The instructions said to introduce yourself, so . . .  I'm Joan Norris, trail
angel to Wanchor (signed W. with an anchor drawing).  He finished his
second flip-flopped thru-hike last night at Roan Mountain. (I think he
walked into town with Gutsy.)

Are there many other trail angels out there?  My next assignment will
probably be shipping stuff to Vermont.  I think he's going to yo-yo the
Long Trail in June.  And maybe do the Buckeye Trail beginning in August.

Do trail angels get their wings and halo when their hiker finishes?  I
envision myself like Clarence, the angel in It's a Wonderful Life.  I thought
I heard the sound of that little bell when Wanchor called last night.  

Does anyone know Energizer Rabbit (from Canada), Doc
Vapor (from Atlanta), or Nick Name (from Cape Cod, I think) from the
Class of '95?  Wanchor and I slack packed them up Greylock last July.  I
wonder if they finished.  

My reward for my duties?  I get my novice AT backpack  trip in the
Shennandoah May 6-10.  Flying to DC May 2 to meet Wanchor.  Sure
hope he has the wings and halo.  I may need the wings for part of the