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resuply, and N>S

A couple of days ago (or was it yesterday?), I posted a question about
resuply.  From the couple of responses I got, I realized I have left out one
important fact.  I'd like to start at Katahdyn.   Which brings me to that topic.

Has anyone here done it N>S ?  And, did you like it?   I've chosen that
direction for a couple of reasons.  1. I'm primarily an introvert, and large
crowds turn me off.  It's not that I don't like people (just the contrary).
I just like solitude more. 2. I'm your typical slow southerner.  I tend to
move at a laid-back pace.  Knowing that Katahdyn closes from Oct. to Apr., I
figured that I could start in may/june and take my time heading south. Maybe
by that time I could finish in the Birmingham area?

I'm always interested in others thoughts and experiences.  So, any comments
on this is more that welcome.  Either about resupply or direction of travel.  

thanks in advance, 


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