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Update on Gutsy from her husband, Dan

Here is an excerpt from Dan's update on Gutsy. I deleted some personal stuff.


>Wednesday, April 24, 1996

>Dear Friends,
>Gail called this evening (7:15 p.m.) from Roan Mountain, TN.  She's fine, but
>has had some very difficult hiking in the last few days.  She went into town
>hoping to spend the night and get cleaned up, but found that the hostel is
>closed.  After doing laundry and eating a hamburger, she found a ride back to
>the AT with a young couple with a baby, and will stay at Apple House Shelter
>Monday she stopped at 5:30 or so to rest after a hard day of hiking, and was
>so exhausted that she *could not* get up.  So she spent the night where she
>was--Beauty Spot Gap.  Bloody Nose, another thru hiker, also spent the night
>Tuesday she climbed Roan Mtn--the hardest climb yet.  She described it as
>Table Rock  (SC) X 3.  She did 6 miles in 6 hours, but hiked a total of 19.7
>Tuesday.  Roan High Knob Shelter, where she spent the night, is the highest
>shelter on the AT, at 6275'.  Temperature was 20 degrees, with rain and high
>Because of difficult terrain, she doesn't expect to reach Damascus until
>Sunday, and will leave Monday after checking for mail.