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Blac beans(was vitamin C)

>hey y'all
>was just looking at my manischewitz black been instant soup (a fantastic
>food-type deal) and it has 40% of the dv for vit. C.
>also has 40% iron, 6% vit a, and 4% calcium.  oh, and only 13% of the
>sodium--that's pretty low for these type of soups;  they're usually 20-25%.
>pretty good deal for a buck.  haven't tasted it yet--i'll let you know.

     Speaking of black beans, I bought some Fantastic Foods instant black 
beans to carry on a week long trip on the At I am taking next week (I can't 
wait!!!) and thought you guys might like to know what I did with them. After 
preparing the beans as according to the directions on the box, I slapped 
some onto some soft taco shells I had handy and then added some hot salsa 
and shredded chedder cheese. Man was that tasty, not to mention very 
packable. I now have a new trail food to carry with me.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)