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Progess of "Gutsy" on the AT

Got a card today from Gutsy, dated 4/21. She wrote it at the No Business 
Knob Shelter. She indicated that she wore her new Vasque Newbrier boots for 
the 1st time on the trip (she had been using her old ones up to this point) 
and that she had done 18 miles that day with no blisters. 

Her husband, Dan had updated AOL subscribers the other day that was from 
Erwin, Tn. which is about 5 miles further up the trail from the shelter. 
Gutsy is projecting that she'll be in Damascus by the weekend.

She was worried about blowing too many days in Hot Springs, but I don't 
think that really slowed her down much. All for now.

Pete Fornof