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re: contacts (eye) on the AT


I wore extended wear contacts for about 12 years, but for the last two years 
I have been wearing disposable extended wear contacts.  As David Smith and I 
have been section hiking, I've only had one incident in the past seven years 
that required me to take a contact out.  I only pack a case and a small 
bottle of rewetting drops.  Since our longest trip has only been 110 miles, I 
can't speak to the complications that thru-hiking brings to this, but I can 
easily go two weeks without taking the contacts out.  I believe most trail 
towns (sanitary conditions) can be reached during this time.  At about $6 to 
$8 per pair, you could extend your personal wear time to 7-10 days and just 
toss them after that without it becoming too expensive (roughly a $150 cost 
over six months).  And you won't have to worry about enzyme treatments, 

I hope the work on the "Southern AT extension" is going well.  I'll be back 
to help cut trail on the Pinhoti this fall.

Take Care,

Tim Rich