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Pack List-

>I'd suggest Colin Fletcher's Complete Walker III.  A picture of all his
>gear is on the cover, and a list in Appendix I.
>- Matt Perrenod

Matt -

I started with Colin Fletcher, too.  That was a long time and a lot of
miles ago.  I highly recommend his philosophy and I like the way he writes,
but his equipment list results in 70# packs.  Not recommended for
thruhikers unless they weigh in at 280# or more.   For long distance
hiking, I was taught that pack weight shouldn't exceed 25% of body
weight.   It works for me.

In any case, I sent my pack list to both of them on the backchannel -
don't want to be wasting bandwidth on the list.

Walk lightly,
Jim Owen
Bald Eagle, AT-92