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Re: 20\20 on the trail

Jay T. Hudson writes:
> I'm curious to know if contact lenses are practical on the AT.  I 
> currently wear Accuvue extended wear lenses, but don't like to leave them 
> in for more than a couple of days.  Is it practical, with everything else 
> hikers must worry about, to keep up with their requirements?
I have contacts as well, and although I haven't been on the AT, I have
been on extended trips with them and I've never had a problem.  All I
can say is just make sure your hands are clean.  I personally would be
driven crazy wearing glasses.  Now that they have the new all-in-one
solutions, it should cut back on weight and amount of contact stuff
that you'd have to bring... just resupplying them whenever you need
it.  I would think deciding on bringing them or not would be based
more on your ability to keep your eyes happy and clean.
Just my .02
Have fun

"[The right mindset] is fun-filled rather than deadly serious,
careful, overly structured or controlled.  It is a mindset filled with
the love of playing the game, the love of the challenge, the joy of
being born human and all that it entails.  It is a mindset focused on
the pleasure of going for it when others are protecting and attemping
to avoid errors and failure, which ONLY ASSURES THAT FAILURE _WILL_
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