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1 week in NJ or PA?

I'm planning a hike along the AT in NJ or PA during the first week of May.  Could someone tell me what the NJ trail is
like?  My opinion of NJ is not so good living in Philly.  I assume the AT doesn't go by any strip malls or contain
jughandles, but really, is it nice, as in somewhat secluded wilderness.   My other option is to do a section in mid PA.  I've
hiked about 60 miles in on both sides.  I like the south section, but the north section is kinda rocky.  When do these rocks
start?  I am leaning towards NJ because I want to reserve the PA AT for close section hikes on weekends.  Any help on
making this choice would be greatly appreciated. (please send responses to this directly to me).

Since I been hiking the AT, I wanted a reference book which described what the AT is really like, not just miles and
crossings.  For instance, the Northern PA trail is rocky, or the trail follows railroad tracks for miles, or the trail goes thru a
super-fund zone, or the trail is cushioned with pine needles and uses small log bridges to pass over several small
streams, lots of overlooks, no overlooks, large shelter, 2 small shelters, etc...  Does such a book exist?  If not, it would be
a good thing to make with the resources of this list:  an encyclopedia of descriptions of the AT broken down into
sections.  This would allow others to answer  their 'whats a good section to do' questions, cut down on list noise, and
give us all one more reason to hit the trail.

Ken Lynch