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National Parks on AOL

This message is for members of the list who are America Online
subscribers.  All others please forgive the intrusion, but I have news
of an important event on AOL....

The National Parks and Conservation Association (NPCA) is an organization
dedicated to protecting and preserving the national parks.  We provide
support to the National Park Service; engage in advocacy, presenting
testimony on park-related issues on Capitol Hill; and raise funds for
park-related projects.

The Republicans are pursuing an agenda that is not always in the best
interests of the National Park system, and NPCA is doing all that it
can to bring to the attention of the public some of the most damaging
effects of pending legislation.

At 8 pm ET on Sunday 21st, and Monday 22nd, we are hosting two online
AOL auditorium events.  Tonight, the featured guest is Paul Pritchard,
President of NPCA.  On Monday, the guest is Deputy Director of the
National Park Service, John Reynolds.

As the Appalachian Trail runs through some of our most precious National
Parks, you may wish to participate in the events.  Not only will you be
able to dialog with our guests, but your mere presence will send a message
that the American public cares deeply about the parks and what is
happening to them.

Here are the details:

Sunday April 21st:  8 pm EDT :   Paul Pritchard, President of  NPCA

Monday April 22nd:  8 pm EDT:   John Reynolds, Deputy Director,
                                                 National Park Service

AOL Keyword:   PARKS

Click on "National Parks Auditorium" in the listbox

Thanks for your kind attention, and again, apologies to those who are not
on AOL.

If *any* members of this list would like to be placed on our (Internet)
email Activist list, please let me know and I will gladly add you.  We
expect some very intense activity on Capitol Hill during the next few
months.  We use the list to let people know when to contact their
Congressional Delegations to urge them to vote in favor of the parks.

Many Thanks ...

            Jill McKay
            for National Parks and Conservation Association

    Internet:                                       America Online:
    http://www.npca.org/                    Keyword: PARKS
    npca@npca.org                            E-mail: NatParks