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Re: vitamins...

> > NPR (National Propaganda Radio) said yesterday that the gov't 
> >recommendeddaily dosage of vitamin C is enough to prevent scurvy but 
> >that recent research suggests that up to 200mg/day is beneficial.  Too 
> >much can damage liver and kidneys.
> >
> > Frank     reid@indiana.edu
> I've been taking about 2000mg/day for about the past 10 years
> with no ill effects.
> I've only had about 2 colds in the past 5 or 6 years though.
> (I always take it with vitamin E)
Ok, I can't not get into this vitamin conversation.  From what I know
about vitamin C, your body can't absorb more than 250mg at a time.  If
you're taking 2000mg/day at once, it shouldn't hurt your body but
about 1750mg are being flushed through your body.  I don't know about
you, but that can get mighty expensive after a while.  Taking it in
separate doses all through out the day is good yet I'm not sure if you
can eat THAT many meals...  It's always good to eat vitamin C with
food to get that body absorbing it as well.  Personally, I feel if I'm
not getting my vitamins through my food, something is pretty seriously
wrong with my diet.  On a through-hike however, I can see taking
vitamin C pills but for some reason, I've never had a problem on long
hikes, and I'm not really sure why.  (when I say long, I mean atleast
a month)  any theories?  I know a bit about nutrition but with this, I'm
still pondering.


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