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Just Returned from a section Hike in N.C

 For those of you looking to get your feet wet with the AT and can't spare
the time to go all the way, the area 
around Hot Springs N.C. is a great place to do it.  A friend and I did a 3
day hike from Devil Fork Gap back to
Hot Springs  (yes we bumped the norm and went north to south).  It was
great, wonderful views and challeging
terrain.  We stayed the first and last night in Hot Springs At the Alpine
Inn (704) 622-3231.  It's got my vote.  We arrange for a shuttle through Hot
Springs Real Estate (704) 622-7339.  Reeves Church is the the man to ask for
he's got some great stories for the ride to your starting point.   You Can't
go wrong with Hot Springs.