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Re: PCT-L Mailing List

>Does anyone know the e-mail address of the list processor for the Pacific
>Coast Trail mail list, to which I may then subscribe? Are there other popular
>mail lists you would recommend? I only know about AT-L and OUTDOR-L. Thank
>        Rodger

Hi Rodger,

When I subscribed to the PCT mailing list, the following is the message I
got back.  Ryan, the administrator of the AT mailing list, also handles
this list.  A fellow named Brick Robbins is the unofficial moderator, and
the following info is from him.  It reads best if using Courier 12 point

Anyway, when I got it I found it clear as mud.  So, in simpler english, to
subscribe to the PCT mailing list is, the address is

In the body of the message type
subscribe pct-l  YOUR NAME

Your name is your real name, not the name on your email return address.

To send messages to be posted to the mailing list, address the message to

The PCT list also occaisionally talks about the CDT.  Many posters are also
on the AT-L.  On the whole, it is much less active.  No Kushman-like
reports to generate interest!  But trail condition updates are valuable.


Brick's Message

Here is the text of the welcome message that new subscribers will get. It
contains some information that all members should know, and some
instructions on how to deal with the list processor (the machine that makes
this all possible)

================begin copy=================

Welcome to the Pacific Crest Trail Mailing List.

Please keep this post for future reference.

The purpose of this mailing list is the discussion of all things to do with
the Pacific Crest Trail, whether hiking, riding or running, traveling a
short distance on the trail or the whole thing in one through hike. Trail
work, and relationships with government agencies that govern the trail are
also included.

We only ask a few things.
1)Don't flame or disrespect someone on the list. If you have something
harsh to say, say it back-channel.
2)Don't post advertisements here. We do encourage discussion of the merits
of gear and other trail related items, from a users point of view. 3)If you
are going to be gone from your computer for an extended period of time,
please unsubscribe from the list, or your mailbox may fill up, and begin
bouncing posts.
4)When you join the list, please post a short bio of yourself for the rest
of us to read. A suggested template is included at the end of this message.
5)Always include a title in your post. If you are on digest, please don't
use the subject "RE: PCT-L DIGEST"
=========================================== Dealing with the list processor.

*To post to the list, address messages to PCT-L@hack.net

*To send commands to the list processor, address the message to

*To unsubscribe from the list, send the command: UNSUBSCRIBE PCT-L

*To receive one digest post each day, send the command: SET PCT-L MAIL DIGEST

*To receive a listing of the commands, send the command: HELP

Brick Robbins    "go fast enough to get there,
San Diego, CA   but slow enough to see"
brick@ix.netcom.com     ---Jimmy Buffett


Lew and Catherine Middaugh