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Re: ok, now boots

>I've been using BiWell for sealing.  I've not used Nikwax, so I'm
>curious as to why you use the two together.  Are they not both
>sealers?  Thanks.


I am using Nikwax and BiWell at the suggestion of the person who sold me the 
boots. He also told me that the manufacturer recommended this treatment. I'm 
not a techno-weenie or anything, but the way the salesman explained it to me 
was that the Nikwax tends to permeate the leather and the BiWell forms an 
outside seal. The Nikwax is aqueous, whereas the BiWell is more of a 
paste/gel consistency. When the BiWell wears off, you still have the backup 
up Nikwax. 

I used to use SnoSeal exclusively, but took the suggestion of the 
salesperson this time and haven't had a problem. Just about all of my long 
hikes with these boots have been in continuous snow and mud. They only got 
damp on the 1st hike because I put the BiWell on first. (duh!)

Pete Fornof