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Re: Compression stuff sacks, et.al...

Schuyler Stultz writes:
> >   Leaving bags compressed in a stuff sack when not in use, also will reduce
> > the loft... I pull our bags (Holofill and Down) when not in use and hang
> > them in "spare" closet space... We've had our down bags for over 20 years,
> > 
> Would hanging a bag vertically let the fill settle down to the bottom a lot,
> or would it be negligible?  I've always laid my bag flat on the spare bed
> downstairs (where the cats don't go ;-) but wouldn't mind hanging it up in
> a closet out of the way.

Stores all hang them that way, although space could be the reason.
Nevertheless, I can't imagine a bag being so fragile or sensitive,
given the use it gets in the woods, as to make much of a difference.

Along the same lines, I've put my bag over a clothes line in
the basement for years. I've wondered about the pressure at the point
of the rope doing some damage (I have never experienced any so far).  


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