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Re: vitamins...

> Dehydrated oranges are wonderful!  They taste just like candy.  I carried
> a multivitamin for a while, at least until I got too lazy to keep taking
> them, and dumped them to "lighten my pack"--a great rationalization.
> Ended up tanking up on o.j. and other fruits in town and munching on my
> candied oranges on the Trail.
> Tara
> Trail Snail  GA>Harpers Ferry<ME '94
> tlbernha@socwork.wustl.edu

My local Kroger store (a large one) has a "bulk foods" section with a great
variety of dried fruit including cranberry raisins (delicious!), dried
apricots which don't taste like sulfur dioxide, and several varieties of
gorp which I like to mix.

NPR (National Propaganda Radio) said yesterday that the gov't recommended
daily dosage of vitamin C is enough to prevent scurvy but that recent
research suggests that up to 200mg/day is beneficial.  Too much can damage
liver and kidneys.


Frank     reid@indiana.edu