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Re: vitamins...

Dehydrated oranges are wonderful!  They taste just like candy.  I carried 
a multivitamin for a while, at least until I got too lazy to keep taking 
them, and dumped them to "lighten my pack"--a great rationalization.  
Ended up tanking up on o.j. and other fruits in town and munching on my 
candied oranges on the Trail.

Trail Snail  GA>Harpers Ferry<ME '94

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Mark Neubauer wrote:

> I have been wondering how people keep up with their intake of many 
> vitamins.  Specifically, what about Vitamin C?  I don't know of any 
> backpacking foods that have it in it, and I have never heard about 
> dehydrating oranges.  Any ideas???
> mark neubauer
> mxnst@pitt.edu
> http:/www.pitt.edu/~mxnst