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Re: ok, now boots

Hi Alisa,

	I bought my Asolo AFX 520 on 12/21/95 and wore it on a 2.5 day
backpacking trip in Arkansas on 12/22/95.  No problems at all.  Did not
need any breaking in period, although I have never had any problems with
shoes.  I had about 15 river/creek crossings on that trip, most of which
were less than ankle deep, but wide enough.  Not a shred of leakage.
However, for 2 REAL WIDE and 12" deep river crossings I did it with the
shoes on (foolish act) and next morning they were frozen solid.  I like
it, very comfortable.

	I think the regular price is $120, I got it on a 10% off sale
here in New Orleans.  Also, I think the recent REI catalog had it on sale
for $99.  I would recommend the shoe, but please make sure a boot fits before
you buy it.

	Happy hiking,


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