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Nikwax waterproofing stuff

hey all

remember we were speaking briefly about the Nikwax line of waterproofing 

as far as I can tell, they make
Polarproof - for making wool and fleece water -repellant

Loft Automatic - for washing sleeping bags, jackets, etc. without harming 
the coating or insulation

TX Direct - for restoring the DWR of waterproof breathable garments (GTX, 

Downproof - for making down stuff water resistant

Something for leather boots - I forgot what it is called, but I have 
heard nothing but good stuff.

All their products are water based and environmentally freindly.
The phone # for a catalog is 206-355-0260 (Fax: 206-334-5618)
Address is
PO Box 1572
Everett, WA 98206

Most of the products are availible from Campmor

hope that helps some
Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
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