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Re: From AT List Admin: Beta FAQ

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    : ryan@inc.net_at_internet at X400PO


yes, yes, go on..?  I have sent out a FEW requests to this address (and
also cc'd you once on the same message) to get into digest mode
instead of the numerous message mode (because i am receiving at work
and it is VERY noticeable when one gets 35 e-mails in one day  :)
love you all, but i love my job too.

and - no response either - from Ryan!!  whatzup?

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Subject: From AT List Admin: Beta FAQ
Author:  at-l@patsy.hack.net_at_internet at X400PO
Date:    4/17/96 8:56 PM

Frequently Asked Questions - The Appalachian Trail Mailing List 
 Compiled by your friendly list-admin, Ryan Brooks ryan@inc.net
- How do I subscribe?
     To subscribe to the Appalachian Trail Mailing List, known 
     to email systmes as AT-L, do the following:
          Fire off a message to LISTPROC@INC.NET with this 
          in the _body_ of the message:
          SUBSCRIBE AT-L Your Real Name Here
     You should get a response shortly indicating success. 
     Don't be concerned with error messages following your 
     subscription notification, the ListProcessor is probably 
     trying to interpret your signature file as commands.
- How do I unsubscribe?
     The most important thing to remember here, is to NOT send 
     mail to the list (AT-L),  no-one else cares that you want 
     to unsubscribe, and you'll probably earn yourself some 
     cyberenemies.   Now that that is out of the way, this
     is the procedure:
          Mail LISTPROC@INC.NET with this in the body of 
          the message:
          SIGNOFF AT-L works as well.
     Again, if you have a problem, email me, ryan@inc.net, I'm
     a human, and will have better luck figuring out your email.
- How do I post?
     Simply mail your message, with a well thought out subject to 
- Where is the list archived?
     See ftp://ftp.inc.net/pub/at
     The archive is split into 10,000 line chunks, labelled by the 
     date of the first complete message.
- How/What is Digest mode?
     Digest mode is a mode you can put your subscription in that will 
     force the list to assemble a group of messages into one large one 
     that gets sent out at regular intervals.  The idea being,  keep 
     all the AT-related email in one email message so it doesn't 
     clutter your inbox.    To set the digest mode:
     Mail LISTPROC@INC.NET with the following in the body of the