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Re: no messages received

>>>>I haven't received any messages form AT mailing list since 2 days.  What is
>>>going on?  Please, give me an answer.
>>>>Benoit Renauld
>>>I'm not sure, but I think there may be a problem with some servers/areas as
>>>far as receiving mailing list posts goes on the weekends.  I didn't receive
>>>anything over the weekend either, but when I downloaded my mail this
>>>morning, I had about 20 messages come in.  Who knows?
>>Same thing here. This list doesn't seem to work on the weekends. It seems to
>>stop on the weekends and then resume during the week. Anyone else beside the
>>three of us having this problem?
>>Pete Fornof
>Ditto from this corner.  The last three weekends it seems to have shut down
>about 5 pm PST on Friday, and restarted about 6 AM PST on Monday morning.
>I"m also on the PCT mailing list and have the same problem.  I live in the
>Valley of Heart's Delight, aka Silicon Valley, in case that makes a
>Lew and Catherine Middaugh
Hi folks
I don't know if this is the problem but the engineers at Bell Atlantic said
that "MCI Nut" has been having major problems with "TRUNK" lines when the
traffic is heavy. At times they are experiencing as much as 30% packet
loss.I personally found that when I PING the west coast
from PA I get ridiculously long times and %100
packet loss.


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