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Re: Compression stuff sacks

>Is it worth getting a compression stuff sack for thru-hiking? I have a
>Calamity Jane, the sack it came with isn't too bad. How does it help?
>Yours in ignorance...Sandy
>Sandra & David Downs            <downs@nb.net>
> Pittsburgh, PA                 Visit Cyberwall! http://www.nb.net/~downs/
I have a 20 degree polarguard bag by Kelty.  Using a standard stuff sack,
it stuffs down to about the size of a huge teddy bear!  Using its
compression sack stuffed it down to about the size of a large loaf of

But, I decided against using the compression sack because it weighed almost
8 oz, vs. a large homemade sack of 1.1 ripstop that weighed a little over 2
oz.  I also carry my bag inside my (external) pack, generally towards the
top or middle.  I found just stuffing it inside the pack made the bag
compress enough to fit.

I am also leery of the effect of compressing the polarguard so tightly.
After using the compression sack once, it took noticeably longer to fluff
up the bag.

I've never tried compressing a down or micro/lite/prima loft bag;  perhaps
others could relate their experiences.

Hope this helps,

Lew and Catherine Middaugh