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Re: no messages received

>>>I haven't received any messages form AT mailing list since 2 days.  What is
>>going on?  Please, give me an answer.
>>>Benoit Renauld

>>I'm not sure, but I think there may be a problem with some servers/areas as
>>far as receiving mailing list posts goes on the weekends.  I didn't receive
>>anything over the weekend either, but when I downloaded my mail this
>>morning, I had about 20 messages come in.  Who knows?
>Same thing here. This list doesn't seem to work on the weekends. It seems to
>stop on the weekends and then resume during the week. Anyone else beside the
>three of us having this problem?
>Pete Fornof

Ditto from this corner.  The last three weekends it seems to have shut down
about 5 pm PST on Friday, and restarted about 6 AM PST on Monday morning.
I"m also on the PCT mailing list and have the same problem.  I live in the
Valley of Heart's Delight, aka Silicon Valley, in case that makes a


Lew and Catherine Middaugh