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Re: hi!

Since I have been stuck in the same unfulfilling job for sixteen years I am
very happy I didn't go right from school to a "real" job. Instead I spent 3
1/2 years in the Peace Corps.  I think I am a much more well rounded person
for having had such a life experience.  You need to have these kind of
experiences now while you can, so years from now you have something to look
back to while stuck at your desk. The time right after graduation is the
perfect time to do something like a thru hike. I wouldn't think that
particular hole in your work history would be that bad. Of course, I don't
know what Chip's situation is. You need to consult people in that field to
find out how hard it is to find such jobs. And if it turns out to be an
offer you can't refuse you can always do a section hike. That's one of the
things I have to look forward to while stuck at the same desk!

                                     Steve Coombs
                                  GA 89 > ME 21st century