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Re: William Lee Steele

I feel that if i dont do the thru-hike, i will always regret not 
doing...Iam at the perfect age now,,,(29) and who knows what 30+ holds 
for me...I have talked to the C.E.O of this firm and she is damned sure 
that I cant take off for 4-6 months to do this....If i was to take this 
job, and quit...well, I wouldnt be holding true to the commitment. I 
understand where you are coming from, this question has been haunting me 
for about six months or so....I now believe that this is the best thing 
for me to do...Iam not married and this will be something to do now, 
before something like that happens....Thanks for the input...chip

Chip Steele                   wlsteele@indiana.edu 
fax:  (812)331-0472           Indiana University