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No Subject

Here's my first try at an AT-L FAQ, haven't had a chance to proofread/spell check
yet, so give it a glance, and drop me a personal email w/ your suggestions:

(notice that the ftp archives have been brought up to date)

 Frequently Asked Questions - The Appalachian Trail Mailing List
 Compiled by your friendly list-admin, Ryan Brooks ryan@inc.net

- How do I subscribe?

        To subscribe to the Appalachian Trail Mailing List, known
        to email systmes as AT-L, do the following:

                Fire off a message to LISTPROC@INC.NET with this
                in the _body_ of the message:

                SUBSCRIBE AT-L Your Real Name Here

        You should get a response shortly indicating success.
        Don't be concerned with error messages following your
        subscription notification, the ListProcessor is probably
        trying to interpret your signature file as commands.

- How do I unsubscribe?

        The most important thing to remember here, is to NOT send
        mail to the list (AT-L),  no-one else cares that you want
        to unsubscribe, and you'll probably earn yourself some
        cyberenemies.   Now that that is out of the way, this
        is the procedure:

                Mail LIS