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RE: hi! (finding time to hike)

>Easy on the "edu." domain....only two more weeks and iam out there in 
>your world! 

I replied to your post before and said to go for it. I just wanted to say if 
I saw a resume with an AT/PCT/CDT thru hike on it, I would give a lot of 
weight to that accomplishment in my decision to hire that person. I'm a 
Senior VP for an insurance company and have looked at many resumes. Of 
course I look at qualifications for the job, but I also look for things in 
the extra-curricular area that makes the person tick. In my view, a 
completed long hike is one heck of an accomplishment and shows me that 
someone can plan, execute, and stick with an extremely difficult project to 
the end. I still say, do the hike.

Pete Fornof