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Re: water proofing a sleeping bag

tfort@felix.TECLink.Net (tfort) writes:
>I have a water Proofing question for the group.
> It has a tendancy to get a little moist in high humidity.  Not a lot,
mind you, but just enough to let me know its there.  I know that Bean
has fixed this, problem with there newer versions.  So, I called them. 
They were no help.
>Does anyone know of a material, and, its source, I could use to better
water-proof the bag?  Without ruining the material!   I've thought about
>scotch-guard, available at any local super-market.  Any Ideas?

          I asked same question before, never got an answer, so if you
know..............Nickwax makes a product that's supposed to waterproff
down. I was thinking of using it, wonder if anyone has, and is it worth
price, and does it work?