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Re: hi !

>Absense and leave? hmmmmm....
> Iam about to get my undergraduate and i think that i have decided to
>turn down a job offer starting in August so that i can do the thru-hike
>thing in March....what do you all think? Should i do it? it pays alot and
>if i dont take it, i may never find a job on this scale....but if i take
>it, NO TRAIL!....If anyone knows where i can find a job AFTER October
>97.....let me know.....

Chip, before you abandon this opportunity, see if you can't come up with a
*really* good excuse for why you can start in October instead of August.
Tell them that you would really like the job, but can't start until
October.  Just use some excuse having to do with school- like you are
"taking the time to learn and mature in your field of study" (little do
they know that your "field of study" is BACKPACKING!!) :-)

Matt  Holmes