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Re: waterproofing a sleeping bag

tfort writes:
> I have a water Proofing question for the group.
> Four years ago, I bought a Down Mummy bag from LL Bean.  So far It has been
> a great bag that I've enjoyed having.  It has all the benifits of down :
> light-weight, compressable, and warm (my favorite).  Being from Bean, the
> quality has yet to fail me.  It does, however, have one small problem.  It
> has a tendancy to get a little moist in high humidity.  Not a lot, mind you,
> but just enough to let me know its there.  I know that Bean has fixed this
> problem with there newer versions.  So, I called them.  They were no help.
> Does anyone know of a material, and, its source, I could use to better
> water-proof the bag?  Without ruining the material!   I've thought about
> scotch-guard, available at any local super-market.  Any Ideas?

I wouldn't risk using a waterproofing on the outside of the bag.  Like Dick
said, it will also waterproof you from the inside, and that would be a
*bad* thing.  Sometimes you use a vapor barrier on purpose, but you
certainly don't want to ruin your nice bag by making it a permanent vapor
barrier.  I would say that your best bet (and the safest) is to get a light
overbag or bivy cover, even if you make it yourself out of cheap material
(the commercial bivy bags cost an arm and a leg, I know).
I have always wondered, maybe someone else can help out- is it possible to
so up a simple overbag from coated nylon?  I realize that it wouldn't be
breathable, but if you just wanted rain protection (and in tfort's case,
dew protection) for a low cost, would it be feasible?

Matt  Holmes