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Re: Preparing Beef Jerky

Chris said:
>Can anyone knowledgable on this subject provide me
>with info on how to properly prepare and preserve beef jerky.  Also, any
>suggestions for a good brand of dehydrator suitable for making jerky would
>be appreciated

I wouldn't go so far as to say I was knowledgeable, but I have made jerky a
few times with good results.  It is really not so hard, so I'd say to go and
give it a try.

I also have an American Harvester dehydrator, which I can recommend.  I would
look for one with a temperature control.  Some of the cheap ones don't have a
temp control.  Aso, you probably want a fan in the unit so that the
temperature stays even and the humidity gets driven out.

My instructions say to dry meat at 145 degrees.  At this temperature, the
meat is supposed to dry in 8-16 hours.  I guess that this temperature and
time don't give the germs a chance to get going.  

More of a problem is fat or oil going rancid.  You can dry water from the
meat, but fat and oils remain.  To avoid this problem, always start with the
leanest possible meat.  Rancidity is caused by oxidation (from the air) of
oils, so store the jerky in a sealed container in a refridgerator.  My
instruction book says that the oils go rancid after about a month at room

Good eating!!

Bob Shroy