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Re: hi! (finding time to hike)

Jeff (and all those who are postponing hikes due to work stuff)

First a disclaimer...I, myself, am postponing my thruhike for job
reasons until 1999 or 2000, but most of that is financial (4 years
undergrad, 1 year working in human services, and 2 years of grad school
have left me very friendly with the VISA, MC and student loan people!).

I tried a new tactic this year when interviewing for my first job out of
grad school...I told them I'd work for them for three years then quit to
hike the AT.  Never did I get a negative reaction, rather they were all
so interested in me having such lofty (insane?) goals, that they seemed
impressed and wanted to talk about it.  If it's one thing I've learned
in the past few interview-saturated weeks is that potential employers
don't want to spend the whole interview talking about hte job, they want
to get to know YOU.  Any employer worth working for will think it's way
cool that you took time off to do the AT.  Just do it!