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Re: jobs & trails

I agree that you opinion will differ from ours.  And on the 
other hand Thru-hiking might not be as exciting and adictive as 
it is for many other people.  I Love to Hike for long amounts 
of time to get away from all the garbage that goes on in 
society today.  I find that I am at Peace with myself and very 
happy away from busy life.  
	I am a forestry student myself and I chose this field 
not because I want to make money (because that is close to 
impossible) but because It would make me happy.  In other 
words, I would rather get a smaller paycheck and be happy going 
to work every day, then get rich and hate wakeing up in the 
morning because I have to go to work.  
	Some of us can't justify taking all that time off.  
Some of us feel the need and would rather quit our jobs to do 
it just to get away.  We all choose our own path.

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On Tue, 16 Apr 1996 rkbolt@dedraco.dcr.monsanto.com wrote:

> I"m not a thru-hiker, so I"m sure my opinions will differ from many.  But after almost 7 years and 2 degrees I could not justify the time to hike the trail.  It was always my plan to do just that.  However, being very close to broke and haven chosen Forestry as a profession it just was not for me.  For me the trail will always be there, but a good job is tough to get.  So, I would caution anyone making this decision to be very carefull.  All those "neat" HR people are pretty hard to come by.  Plu
> Roger Bolton