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No Subject

6 00:35:14 EDT, synergy@nc5.infi.net (E. George
Oeser) writes:

>used this trip to help break in the new pair of boots I just bought (Salomon

>Authentic 6's) and had no blister problems at all. It also rained all day 
>the first day and so I was able to test out their water proofness a bit as 
>well, my feet stayed perfectly dry and comfy, so I think I made a good 
>choice on the boots.

For checking the waterproofness of boots I recommend my bathtub technique.
 Simply put your socks and boots on and shuttle around in a bathtub filled
with water to a depth of about 3 inches for 20 minutes.  If your boots leak
you'll feel it and your socks will get wet.  You should do this test a couple
of months before a big hiking trip so that you can send the leaking boots
back to manufacturer and get a new pair.  I did this with my Vasque Super
Hikers.  Also, I just checked out a new pair of Seal Skinz using this
technique and one of them leaked after 15 minutes.