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Re: water proofing a sleeping bag

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, richard hihn wrote:
> your own body moisture would be trapped in the bag, resulting in an
> even wetter situation.  If someone knows of a way to keep outside 
> moisture out and maintain the bag's breatheability at the same time,
> short of buying a gortex bag or some such, maybe they will post.

Just a comment - Gore-Tex and down don't mix well.  The Gore can't 
breathe fast enough to let the moisture out so it still ends up in the 
feathers.  DryLoft by Gore is much more breathable, but not quite as 
waterproof. For most people it's good enough, though

Some people like to use vapor barriers.  The idea behind it is that your 
body works to keep your skin a little moist (if it didn't, your skin 
would quickly crack and fall off).  It works to maintain a consistent 
level, and when you let the moisture go, it has to produce more.  By 
lining your sleeping bag with a thin non-breathable layer (basically a 
garbage bag) you will maintain a good level of humidity.  Your body won't 
have to produce as much moisture so you won't loose as much hydration 
during the night, too plus your sleeping bag stays dry from the inside.

I have been told that if you are planning on doing this, make sure you 
wear a layer or long underwear or something.  Don't go naked or you will 
end up feeling cold and clammy.

By the way, the same holds true for boots.  Try putting a plastic bag 
between your sock liner and the sock.

I've actually never used a vapor barrier liner (VBL), but there are those 
who swear by it, especially in cold weather, where the exiting moisture 
takes precious heat with it.

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