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Re: hi !

Do the Hike !! (one mans opinion.) I am assuming that your job is entry
level.  Even if not, I'd still do it. The decision becomes harder as you
make more money and become speciallized.  Even, now, I'm still thinking
about it.  However, I hope to hit it big at the Casinos!  A little
confidence will go a long way in the job market.  Besides, maybe you will
discover a career on the trail. 

But, please, listen to yourself, not, me.


>Absense and leave? hmmmmm....
> Iam about to get my undergraduate and i think that i have decided to 
>turn down a job offer starting in August so that i can do the thru-hike 
>thing in March....what do you all think? Should i do it? it pays alot and 
>if i dont take it, i may never find a job on this scale....but if i take 
>it, NO TRAIL!....If anyone knows where i can find a job AFTER October 
>97.....let me know.....
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