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Re: water proofing a sleeping bag

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, tfort wrote:
> Does anyone know of a material, and, its source, I could use to better
> water-proof the bag?  Without ruining the material!   I've thought about
> scotch-guard, available at any local super-market.  Any Ideas?

Nikwax has been well known in the last 2 years or so for making very good 
environmentally freindly waterproofing stuff.  I just used the stuff for 
fleece on my fuzzies and it really is amazing - I held my sleeve under 
the faucet and the water just ran right off of it.

Anyway, they also make a "down-proof" I think.  It washes into the bag 
and coats the feathers so they don't absorb as much water.  Availible 
from Campmor (1-800-campmor)


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