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RE: hi! (finding time to hike)

>>Has anyone ever gone to their employer and ask for an eight month leave of
>>absense?  And, not been laughed out of the office.  Are our only options to
>>either quit or retire?

>I haven't asked yet, but I have gotten the President of the company to become
>a member of the ATC!!  We talk hiking every once in a great while.  He
>*might* even end up on this mailing list (maybe he's reading this).  He is
>following the journey of the Kushman's on the AT Home Page since I brought it
>to his attention.

>Now......If one of these days I can just ask for that 6-8 months off!!!!!!

>IL Fltlndr@aol.com  (Alice)

WONDERFUL IDEA!  It wouldn't work with my boss; my only hope is that, since
he's in the checkout lane, his replacement might have a life...

This country isn't setup for 6-month vacations.  It's Catch-22:  If you
have a base of operations and family to watch your stuff while you're gone,
send care packages, pay utility bills, feed cats, etc., then you probably
have too many responsibilities to take off.  If you're unencumbered enough
to take the hike, you may have no back-home support.

>Chip Steele  wlsteele@indiana.edu  writes:
>Absense and leave? hmmmmm....
> Iam about to get my undergraduate and i think that i have decided to
>turn down a job offer starting in August so that i can do the thru-hike
>thing in March....what do you all think? Should i do it? it pays alot and
>if i dont take it, i may never find a job on this scale....but if i take
>it, NO TRAIL!....If anyone knows where i can find a job AFTER October
>97.....let me know.....

GO FOR IT!  Someone of your abilities will have no trouble finding a job
but once that happens, you're hooked!  The "working" lifestyle is subtly
but strongly addictive.  I went straight from college to work (because I
couldn't afford not to) and have always regretted it.  Only way I can do
the Trail is if I'm still healthy at "early" retirement age 55 (in 2001;
just in time to avoid working with HAL 9000!)

Having thru-hiked the AT should look good on your resume to an astute "human
resources" geek (if such exists):  You have to be a workaholic to do it.

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu