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Re: hi !

In a message dated 96-04-16 08:39:14 EDT, you write:

>Absense and leave? hmmmmm....
> Iam about to get my undergraduate and i think that i have decided to 
>turn down a job offer starting in August so that i can do the thru-hike 
>thing in March....what do you all think? Should i do it? it pays alot and 
>if i dont take it, i may never find a job on this scale....but if i take 
>it, NO TRAIL!....If anyone knows where i can find a job AFTER October 
>97.....let me know.....

chip--tho i'm just a pup in this world, one of my professors told a couple of
us something that i think is pretty accurate.  we were offered jobs with a
high-paying consulting firm with a month still left in school.  of course it
felt, at that time, that if we didn't take the job, there would never be
another one offered.  well, the way dr. shaw put it was 'if you're this
attractive to employers now, you won't be any less so a month from now.'  and
he was right--we finished up and everyone was offered jobs that made that
initial offer look like peanuts.  i wouldn't worry too much.  i guess these
big life decisions are what build character.  as will the trail.