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Leave of absence from work to hike

At 06:47 AM 4/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-04-16 00:43:15 EDT, tfort@felix.TECLink.Net (tfort)
>>Has anyone ever gone to their employer and ask for an eight month leave of
>>absense?  And, not been laughed out of the office.  Are our only options to
>>either quit or retire? 
>I haven't asked yet, but I have gotten the President of the company to become
>a member of the ATC!!  We talk hiking every once in a great while.  
>Now......If one of these days I can just ask for that 6-8 months off!!!!!!
>IL Fltlndr@aol.com  (Alice)
   Back in the days of "yore" (before retirement).... IBM was (probably is)
pretty understanding on taking a "Leave of Absence" (w/o pay) for extended
vacations, albeit most were under thirty days... (I never figured out a way
to call a trek/hike a necessary business trip, even a Survey Trip didn't
meet the criteria; such is life)... I usually got a little "Hoo-Haa" in
requesting the time, I got a LOT when I said I'd like to take six months to
hike the AT... Fortunately, IBM made me an offer I could'nt refuse in 91,
which (with the Frau still being employed at Big Blue) allowed me to start
doing my things... 
   Other than threatening to "slit your wrists" if you don't get the time
needed  ;->, the options are reduce to the above; quitting, or waiting to
become an "Old Geezer" (more ;->)...

  happy trails,

 "WIXeR"  aka   Dick Wix
      AT-94  GA->ME
       Rochester, MN.