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Re: water proofing a sleeping bag

tfort writes:
> I have a water Proofing question for the group.
> Four years ago, I bought a Down Mummy bag from LL Bean.  So far It has been
> a great bag that I've enjoyed having.  It has all the benifits of down :
> light-weight, compressable, and warm (my favorite).  Being from Bean, the
> quality has yet to fail me.  It does, however, have one small problem.  It
> has a tendancy to get a little moist in high humidity.  Not a lot, mind you,
> but just enough to let me know its there.  I know that Bean has fixed this
> problem with there newer versions.  So, I called them.  They were no help.
> Does anyone know of a material, and, its source, I could use to better
> water-proof the bag?  Without ruining the material!   I've thought about
> scotch-guard, available at any local super-market.  Any Ideas?

I have always thought that a little moisture, especially in high
humidity, is normal, and that there's not too much you can do about
it.  I've never owned a down bag, but I do understand your concern
there!  Something like scotch-guard, I believe, will make the bag
waterproof not only from the outside, but also from the inside.  Thus 
your own body moisture would be trapped in the bag, resulting in an
even wetter situation.  If someone knows of a way to keep outside 
moisture out and maintain the bag's breatheability at the same time,
short of buying a gortex bag or some such, maybe they will post.

Dick (always wanting to learn more about such things)  

Richard Hihn			Phone:(518) 584-5000 (x2609)
Department of Music
Skidmore College
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