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Re: Register Replenishing

Matt, it's hard to predict whether or not you'll get a register back
that you leave.  I know of two hikers who did get registers back that they
left in '94.  Generally, registers fill up pretty quick in Georgia, so
those might come back pretty quick (except for Whitley Gap--someone who
decided to stay there said the register was close to a year old).  Thus,
you can dump one off pretty quick in the beginning and lose the weight.
Those who carried them didn't seem to mind the weight at all--they were
pretty curious as to whether or not they would get it back, and they wanted
a momento.  After a few months on the Trail, sometimes you think of doing
"interesting" things just to see what will happen...and carrying an empty
notebook to leave at a shelter dosen't seem like a bad idea after a while.
I remember how some of us used to get disappointed when we would get to a
shelter and there wouldn't be a register--we couldn't find out the news
about our fellow hikers "up trail".  Registers serve quite a social 
function among thru-hikers--its one of the first things you look for
when you pull into a shelter, even if you're not going to be staying there.
If you don't mind the weight, you might want to carry one...and if you
get it back, you'll really appreciate it years later after your hike.