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Re: introduction

I've always liked the Smokies!  There are some 60 miles of the AT, and
Hundreds of miles to explore else-where in the park.  Some of the highest
peeks in the Eastern US are in the park.   Lots of the trails lend
themselves nicely to loop hikes.  I also know of a couple of shuttlers, if
you like point-to-point.  The park is also fairly well maintained, however,
it is also highly used (but, I've always been able to find solitude, when
wanted).  I have met people on the trail from your parts before.  So, maybe
it is not a long drive for you.   If you would like any addresses  for maps
& books;    Or, need further info ... just let me know.   ( can't help you
about the child's age, tho)


>-Just thought I'd introduce myself to the list, I've been a silent
>observer for a little while and would like to get in on the conversation	
>	I'm weekend warrior camper and hiker, from central Indiana.  I know its 
>not exactly wilderness capitol of the world, but it's not too bad. 
>	I'm planning to thru hike sometime in the future- though it will  
>probably be a couple of years before I have the flexibility to take off
> enough time to do it. In the mean time, I'd like to do a few smaller 
>hikes-  1-2 week durations over the summer.  Does anyone have any 
>suggestions  for "favorite stretches" of the trail? I'd be glad to hear 
>	What seems to be the youngest age at which anyone would let a 
>child tag along on the trail?  I'm a young, single mom, and leaving my 
>daughter w/someone for 6 months doesn't really appeal to me. 
>						Amanda Egler
>					alegler@cord.it.iupui.edu

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