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Trail Tales

  Someone many of you know asked me to post the following. I'm sorry
about the delay but I just got it today. Here goes...


  Have arrived at Davenport Gap shelter on the evening of Easter Sunday -
sad to see the Smokies go. We had great views and also ice, snow, fog,
and cold (15 deg. last night).
  The biggest challenge so far has been my health. I started the trail with
a cold, which blossomed to bronchitis by Suches. Went back out, after
antibioticsand rest, and was sick again in Franklin. It clears up with warm
weather (and antibiotics), only to clog me up again in the cold weather (like
right now). Essentially, I'm having trouble making the adjustment from 
Arizona's climate to the east, I think.
  Some warn spring sunshine would certainly help.
  But Sharon and I are still going without any other major problems. The
Smokies have been our favorite part of the hike so far - just spectacular.
Our other favorite part has been the people, especially during town
layovers - a cabin in Suches, the Franklin hotel full with 20 thru hikers,
including Download and Nexmo ( who we hope to see again tomorrow),
Wesser and Fontanna. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in Hot
  Rob and Brian ("The Cornell Crew") are long gone - about twice as fast
as us. Kurt Kaisch is back on the trail after knee problems - we saw him
at NOC in Wesser. No sign of Andy Burchett, who I thought would be
ahead of us, though we did see a maildrop addressed to him at the
Blueberry Patch.
   I check the buds on the trees every day. 
                                                           David Appell