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Hi guys.... :-)

Hey all,

I just got on the list the other day and so have been following along.  I
guess since I'm new I should give you all some info on myself (?) - I live
near Cornwall, ON (Canada), which is a little ways off from Ottawa, and plan
on hiking the Appalachian in its entirety next summer.  I was going to do it
this summer, but June seems a little late to be starting going by when
everyone else starts.  Sometime in May next year sounds a bit better,
especially since I don't have a *whole* lot of experience with hiking. I'm
in the Army Reserve up here and so I have a handle on camping and wandering
around, but that's military style.  I can't wait to try civilian style - it
sounds so much better! ;-)  I just got a pair of Asolo Cygnus's the other
day (my first pair of hiking boots!) and will be breaking them in starting
this weekend.  Holy cow are they ever expensive!!  Oh well, if they last the
entire Appalachian trail (desperately hoping...) they'll be worth the $230. 

Anyhow, I won't tie you all up for too long.  One question before I go -
anyone here have any experience with the Osprey packs (the Amelia or Isis in
particular..)?  I went to The Expedition Shoppe in Ottawa, and they were
really helpful, seemed to know their stuff, and gave me a nicely done up
little booklet put out by Osprey, explaining how the packs are put together
and describing the features of all the different packs.  How many cubic
inches of space would I need in a pack for my thru-hike anyway?  Well, time
to go!  I look forward to talking to everyone here before I go south to
Georgia, and will definitely be back afterwards to share my experiences with
everyone else.  TTYL...

Cindi Prud'homme